The Homeowner’s Guide to Solar Panels Installation in Sydney

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Sydney’s sunny environment makes it an ideal place for Australian homeowners to capitalise on the sun’s energy and harness its power to reduce their power bills and secure huge savings. It is not only beneficial for the environment – but also for your pockets too!

With solar panel installation, you can not only get a timely installed solar system up and running in a few hours but also tap into government incentives. For homeowners like you, we have curated these expert guide to complete solar panel installation so that you can get knowledge on how the whole procedure proceeds.

The Solar Panel Installation Process

  1. Solar Panel Assessment

Before you tap into the solar market, firstly you need to realise if your home is compatible to harness solar’s potential or not. This is generally done by your reliable solar panels sydney experts or you can assess it yourself with the help of the installer’s guidance.

When you speak with solar installers and energy consultants, they will assess the following:

  • The direction and inclination of the roof
  • shading from buildings or trees
  • The soundness and stability of your roof

In Sydney, is solar energy worth it? These elements support your response to the query. You’ll also find out where your solar panels should be placed to maximise energy production, ask questions to your installers and they will be happily ready to answer.

  1. System Selection

Solar specialists will then evaluate your property and design a solar system to produce the most energy possible. This design doesn’t require developing brand-new panel technology just for your house! Aspects such as these are included in the system design:

  • The required size of solar panels
  • How many solar panels are required?
  • Where the panels will be installed (e.g., mounted on the ground, walls, or roofs)

This, along with the solar inverter will then be selected by you according to the size of the system you want. For instance 6.5KW, 10KW, 13.3KW and many such options.

  1. Grid Permit and Required Inspection.

After finishing the phases of assessment and design, you must obtain the required permits from your local government before installing the system. Installers will also walk you through what homeowners can expect on the day of installation, ensuring a smooth and stress-free process.

  1. Installation

Congrats, now sit back and enjoy with our expert insured installers carrying CEC certification ready to set up your solar system up and running in just a few hours. 

Expect minimal disturbance and a complete overview of how the procedure will gradually proceed and pass you important information on the warranty details of both product and the installers.

Why Choose Solar Panels for Your Home?

If you still need more incentive to switch to solar power, here are a few more benefits: 

Lower Energy Expenses – Over time, solar panels can save you a significant amount of money by lowering or even eliminating your electricity bills.

Reduction in Carbon Footprint – Solar energy is abundant, clean, renewable, and helps fight climate change by lowering glasshouse gas emissions—especially in Sydney.

Autonomy in terms of energy – You can reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and unstable utility prices by producing your own power.

Surge in your property’s overall value – Homes with solar panels have a 3%–4% increase in value, and their future sale price is also increased.

Some additional facts about solar in Australia – 

  • The continent of Australia has the highest solar radiation per square metre of any continent and consequently some of the best solar energy resources in the world. 
  • Moreover, it is estimated that Australia receives an average of 58 million PJ of solar radiation per year, approximately 10 000 times larger than its total energy consumption. However, Australia’s current use of solar energy is low with solar energy accounting for only about 0.1 per cent of Australia’s total primary energy consumption.

Source: Australian Government 

This proves that solar energy is one of the best renewable sources we can switch to. The potential it carries is amazing and we should proudly be one of the top countries operating on solar’s efficiency.

Switch to Solar Today with Your Trusted Solar Installers Sydney 

In Conclusion, 

We hope our curated guide can help homeowners decide to switch to solar easily and start saving huge on energy bills today. 
Looking for the best solar installers Sydney? Your experts at Solar national are here to help you guide through the whole procedure. Contact us and reach out today!

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